How eMoksha helped a Steel Fabricator/Distributor
resolve its demand forecasting challenges

eMoksha was approached by Lyman Steel, leading steel fabricator/distribution company that was growing rapidly. The company was facing several challenges in the demand planning processes and customer order fulfillment


  • Demand forecasting process was error-prone and required lots of manual input
  • The analysis function was performed in excel sheets, involving gut feeling and dependence on the staff experience resulting in stockouts and customer frustration
  • The post-pandemic supply chain volatility and market conditions were rendering manual processes ineffective
  • The window to place an order with suppliers was drastically cut and these manual processes simply could not keep up with the timeline and volume of data


Our demand prediction-based order recommender system precisely predicts and gives recommendations by leveraging 12-36 months’ worth of historical customer orders, inventory, and supplier orders from the client ERP system. The recommender algorithm provides a push-button answer to the demand forecasting problem.


  • The solutions resulted in significant time and effort savings for the client. The overall time to plan supplier orders was cutdown from two (2) weeks to 30 minutes.
  • Client gained significant market share while its competitors did not proactively plan for post-covid changing market conditions regarding lead times and product demand
  • The entire process has been automated where client just needs to click on a button resulting in complete automation of the entire supplier ordering process
  • 32% reduction in stockout levels

eMoksha Demand Planning service has completely transformed how we order steel. A tedious and frustrating process that used to take days with pouring over excel files, purchase orders and not to mention the ‘gut’ feel of warehouse staff is now a point-and-click, 30-minute exercise with pinpoint accuracy. We are saving so much money, time, and effort with the Demand Planning service.

Melissa Supler
Chief Operating Officer, Lyman Steel

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eMoksha Demand Planning is a cloud-based service that utilizes AI algorithms, machine learning, and historical data to predict future inventory needs of steel distributors based on demand history, seasonality, and steel mill order cycles.

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