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With our AI-First approach, architecting and developing AI-enabled data analytics and Machine Learning solutions, we seek to inspire organizational innovation and business transformation by delivering key insights and value drivers from organizational data.
data preparation
Speed is everything in today's
business world
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data preparation
Data Quality
We assess the fitness of data
for analytics purpose by measuring
the data quality
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data preparation
We look for hidden signals & undiscovered
relationships in historical data
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data preparation
Machine Learning &
Predictive Analysis
We provide a forward looking view of data by developing predictive analytics and forecasting solutions
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data preparation
We simplify the understanding of complex data relationships and patterns by visual displays
in an easy to understand manner
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data preparation
Software Development
and System Integration
We develop AI-first data centric business
software applications and System Integration Solutions
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We are on a mission to transform Career Tech Education with our AI-First Data Science solutions and expertise. We have built state-of-the-art Tracker and CTlytics products which help career tech centers capture and aggregate follow-up, credentials, and capstone data, and then by looking for patterns in that data, we help career center leadership make actionable decisions.

Our AI-first analytics solutions and Program Evaluation as a service offering for County Courts is helping guide decisions and actions on the ground for both Adult and Juvenile Courts in the areas of

Residential Treatment
Programs/ Behavioral Health

We help our clients automate manual processes, increase the speed of decision-making, optimize operations, and increase revenue and profitability across the supply chain with AI-first solutions.eMoksha's B2B distribution expertise and solutions manage the entire life cycle of a distributor from supplier ordering, inventory management, customer orders, shipping, invoicing, payments, and reporting/analytics. Our distribution platform includes AI-based demand planning/forecasting and pricing optimization capabilities. These AI-enabled automation tools are helping manage revenue growth, driving efficiencies and cost savings for our distribution customers.

The Data Science Blog

AI/ML in Wholesale B2B Distribution- Exploring Benefits and Possibilities

Across industries, enterprises are starting to leverage AI to function more efficiently, reliably, and profitably. B2B wholesale distribution also stands a chance to benefit from this.

How AI Machine Learning projects are different from traditional IT Software

Data Science/AI/Machine Learning projects should not be conceptualized and run like traditional IT or Software Development projects. There are inherent problems with that approach.

Why your Data Science Investment isn't paying off

As an executive, you have invested in data processing/visualization tools, BI software, Data Lakes & Warehousing along with manpower to operate it all. But have you been able to measure the impact of those dollars spent?

How use of historical data can help revolutionize Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Career and technical education (CTE) helps prepare students for careers in various technical fields. However, CTE Programs must constantly adapt and evolve to be effective, relevant, and meet the needs of students and the industry

Case Study

Empowering Diversion with Data Science, Machine Learning A Juvenile Court Case Study

The client had plenty of historical data but lacked information. It was very difficult to prove that early intervention programs work and outcomes had to be tracked manually. There was no way to link program outcomes to the interventions to understand which interventions and/or staff actions are leading to better outcomes.

Transforming Career Tech Center with efficient data management and AI-driven analytics

eMoksha was approached by a leading Career Tech Center to address challenges related to manual and inefficient data entry for in-program student data, post-program follow-up data, and struggles in gaining valuable insights from multi-year historical data.

How eMoksha helped a Steel Distributor resolve its demand forecasting challenges

eMoksha was approached by a leading steel distribution company which was growing rapidly. The company was facing several challenges in the demand planning processes and customer order fulfilment.