Empowering Court Probation/Diversion Program with Data Science

  • You have data about your diversion programs stored in Excel files, case management systems, etc. Are you struggling to extract meaningful information from that data?
  • Are you wondering what is actually working for your diversion programs but have no easy way to figure it out?
  • You wish that your decisions are informed by actionable data but there is no roadmap for you to get to actionable data to make changes on the ground

Our client faced similar challenges with their diversion program, which had data dating back to a number of years but they were data rich and information poor as there was no easy way to extract actions needed from data. We turned that data into actions by looking for patterns to extract the cause-and-effect relationships, identifying bottlenecks in work processes, exploring outcomes, and linking outcomes to interventions thus assessing the effectiveness of their interventions.


eMoksha's Data Science Service-based diversion solution was implemented to address these challenges. The solution enabled the court to set benchmarks/performance measures, measure metrics and outcomes, and assess the effectiveness of the interventions on the outcomes. Additionally, a diversion data entry platform was added to the solution to have a rules-based diversion data entry.

Performance Benchmarking

We identified and measured bottlenecks within court processes, focusing on key areas such as compliance, timelines, speed, volume, and overall work efficiency. By doing so, we were to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the diversion Program.

Workload Measurement

We improved the efficiency and productivity of our court system through effective workload measurement. This involved managing the court caseload, enhancing processing speed, optimizing the inflow and outflow of people, and ensuring optimal staffing levels.

Outcome Measurement

  • 1. Measuring the effectiveness of Court Interventions, measuring outcomes, and factors driving outcomes.
  • 2. Understanding patterns in offender behavioral health and linking them to interventions/outcomes.
  • 3. Uncover cause/effect relationships in the data.

What was the impact?

Don't let your diversion data go to waste – turn it into a powerful tool for success with eMoksha's Data Science Service-Based Diversion Solution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can empower your court to achieve greater outcomes and make informed decisions.

eMoksha is helping us truly practice evidence-based management by providing deep insights into our data and enabling us to ask important questions about our early intervention programs, Probation, and Residential Treatment. We have completely transformed our decision-making processes based on presented facts in the data. Most importantly, we are able to provide evidence to our stakeholders that investing in early intervention programs provides a measurable benefit to our community and is a fiscally responsible use of our resources

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