Career Tech Center Case Study

End of End automation of credentials, capstone and follow-up data capture and analysis for a Career Tech Education center

Executive Summary

eMoksha is an AI-first company focused on building end to end data capture, data aggregation and analytics solutions. Our transformational solutions are designed to extract business value from stored historical transactions in the line of business applications. A key business sector we serve is Career Tech Education. We were approached by a leading Career Tech Center to address challenges related to manual and inefficient data entry for in-program student data, post-program follow-up data and struggles gaining valuable insights from multi-year historical data.

Context and Challenges

  • Approximately 300 students were enrolled in 20 different programs. It was being managed by manual data entry processes resulting in about 50-60 spreadsheets/Google Sheets.
  • These sheets had credentials earned, follow-up and capstone data and all this data had to be assembled, aggregated for EMIS/State reporting resulting in extremely time consuming back and forth process between coordinators and teachers.
  • Ensuring data quality and consistency required multiple iterations consuming so time and effort from staff.
  • Any process/data change was not visible real time to everyone since there was no single data source to rely upon.
  • There was very limited understanding of the historical trends and patterns in the data to develop better understanding of what is working and not working since it consumed so much time and resources on just getting the state reporting job done.


A Simple, easy-to-navigate, and a self-managed data management platform Tracker was implemented as a solution. This single source of centralized data replaced Excel files and Google Sheets and enabled real-time access to operational data, analytics and all the updates.

  • A single source of centralized data By eliminating the manual processes and automating data collection with built-in rules for data collection, data quality and consistency is vastly improved.
  • Analytics Capability Career Tech management can focus on analysing trends and patterns as system free up time to focus on trends and patterns for strategic needs.
  • Configurable Tracker is built to handle process changes by configuration of the system such as credentials/certification rules change, teachers change or leave.


The solutions resulted in significant time and effort savings for the client. The “push Button” button approach to get the answers for coordinators, teachers and executive staff resulted in efficiencies across the board. Also having visibility into real time data updates and not before seen trends and patterns provided insights that results in tactical and strategic actions by the management.


This solution demonstrated our industry-leading capabilities in the career tech education where majority of the processes rely on stateside systems for data entry and reporting and there are manual processes built around those systems to fulfil state reporting requirements. We have been able to automate and enhance such processes to freed up client’s time to review and analyse the information for decision making. Our plug-and-play solution saves time and makes data readily available at the time of decision-making.

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