Our state of art “Tracker” system helps career tech centers capture and aggregate follow-up, credentials, and capstone data in real-time and then looks for patterns in that data to help career center teachers and administrators make actionable and smart decisions about the students and programming being offered. This completely eliminates the need to use Google Sheets and Excel files and provides real-time access to all the data at your fingertips along with discovering trends and patterns in the data.

A single source of
centralized data

Generate metrics for EMIS/ State reporting with the push of a button results in efficiencies across the board for teachers, administrative staff and executives.This is only possible by having a centralized system which eliminates the need to maintain follow-up, credentials and capstone data in google forms and excel files.

Superior Data Quality

Tracker system is built upon the principal of having the user to pick and choose options when entering data rather than typing the data. This ensures consistency across the board when entering data resulting in excellent data quality for EMIS/State reporting.

Analytics Module

Analytics module helps career centers understand the trends and patterns regarding student population, programming offered, credentials earned and post program follow-up.


Tracker is built to handle process changes by configuration of the system such as credentials / certification rules change, teachers change.