• Big Data to Meaningful Data

    Our solutions let our clients focus on meaningful actionable data for smart decisions

  • Predictive Analytics

    We empower you with data driven decision making and insights using model building and big data toolsets helping optimize operations, find new sources of revenue, engage customers and mitigate risk

  • Data Management and Data Visualization

    We turn data into a visual experience and enable you to get faster better and actionable insights.

  • Business Strategy

    We help our customers formulate data driven business strategies to transform businesses and organizations.


Data Science/Machine Learning

Our expertise in predictive analytics, machine learning and model building help solve business problems by analyzing past trends and behavior in transaction data


Analytics/Business Intelligence

Analytics and business intelligence puts you in control of your ever evolving data by driving actionable insights to turn data into useful knowledge.



We design, develop and build analytics based solutions that integrate systems and applications to provide real time analytics insights. We provide end-to-end services to provide


About Us

Vivek (Vik) Mehta, Founder/Managing Principal

Vik provides though leadership, business consulting and project management strategy/execution for eMoksha clients to help them leverage their data assets. Prior to starting eMoksha, his career took him to Fortune 500 organizations,


Manaw Modi (Managing Partner)

Manaw provides technical vision and execution thought leadership for client solutions. Manaw has more than 20 years of experience in software development,business strategy, management consulting and process re-engineering.


Industry Solutions

We transform sales/marketing approach for an organization by extracting predictive value from stored sales order transactions in ERP/CRM systems. Our approach allows our clients to tap into up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, reduce customer churn, acquire lost customers thus maximizing revenue potential from customer base. We also provide supply chain cost reduction and strategic sourcing solutions by extracting value from Accounts Payable data such purchase orders, invoices, T & E and corporate credit card spending data. These capabilities allow us to offer revenue uptake as well as spend reduction solutions.
Financial Services Transformation
We transform sales/marketing/risk management approach for banks/credit unions by extracting predictive value from loan, marketing campaigns, credit card transactions data. Our approach allows our clients to tap into up-sell/cross-sell product opportunities, predict loan delinquencies, predict customer response to marketing campaigns thus maximizing returns on marketing spend and reduce loan delinquency risk. We move our clients towards actions based on future predictions compared to backward looking view into history via reporting and dashboards. This enables our clients to move quickly to take actions they need to take to stay in control of customer/product strategy.
County Courts and Probation Transformation
We are transforming county courts and enabling probation departments to affect change for safer communities. We enable data-driven supervision practices for optimization of probation resources, determine risk and help make well-informed decisions by probation officers and court personnel. Our analytics driven approach provides visibility into measurable objectives hidden in probation data enabling smart supervision practices and achieving better outcomes.