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Transforming Career Tech Center with efficient data management and AI-driven analytics

A leading Career Tech Centre in North East Ohio approached eMoksha to address challenges such as
  • Manual and inefficient data entry for in-program student data, post-program follow-up data
  • Struggles to gain valuable insights from multi-year historical data about the programs being offered
  • Cumbersome manual/tedious certifications and credentials tracking processes
  • Data quality issues
Top challenges
eMoksha’s data capture management platform Tracker was implemented as a solution to address these challenges. This platform is a single source of centralized data which eliminated the use of Excel files/Google Sheets, and it enabled real-time access to operational data, analytics, and updates.
Top challenges


  • Significant time and effort savings for the career tech center staff. The "push button" approach to get the answers for coordinators, teachers, and executive staff resulted in efficiencies across the board.
  • Visibility into real-time data updates and not before seen trends and patterns provided insights that resulted in tactical and strategic actions by the management.
  • More than 90% of the data quality issues were eliminated.
  • Staff time is better spent on addressing student needs rather than trying to wrestle with data issues.